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Kendra Cates⁠ - Choosing Film in a Digital Era

Why would you choose to shoot film in a digital era? We love Kendra Cates' why:⁠ "Wait, so you shoot film? Like the rolls you have to load into a camera and then get developed? Why would you want to do that?"⁠ Someone asked me this question recently, and my short answer to them was . . .

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Katy Schilhab - Choosing Film in a Digital Era

Everyone has their “why” behind choosing to shoot film in a digital era. Here’s mine: I recently found a box of photos from high school. There were so many photos of just nothing—in class, walking the halls, making faces, at parties. Not necessarily big events, just everyday photos. It didn’t occur to me at the time, but looking back, I remember always having one of those disposable cameras with me. All the time. I’ve always loved taking photos. When I was in college, I took a photography class and fell in love with it (it was all film back then). I spent so many hours in the darkroom. I remember playing around with different techniques and developing methods. This time...

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East Made Co - Choosing Film in a Digital Era

Today we’re excited to feature @eastmadeco, an amazing fine art wedding designer and stylist, who challenged herself to learn how to shoot film in quarantine. We love her insights on shooting film as a stylist and we believe her encouragement for fellow creatives is sorely needed in the industry right now! Let’s dive in: What are your thoughts on shooting film as a stylist? I've had "Learn Film" on my goals list since 2015 when I started East Made Co and became a fine art wedding designer and stylist. Working with some of the most talented and renowned film photographers in the wedding industry over the past five years, I've served as the creative and art director of countless editorials...

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