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Adding Film to Your Wedding Package

Interested in shooting more film at weddings? This tip is for you! We get it, shooting film can be a bit scary at first. Especially at weddings, where precious memories unfold all day long and it’s your responsibility to document them properly. Learning to trust your gear and your workflow without the safety of a digital back takes some getting used to, but once you hit your rhythm and find your sweet spot, you’ll feel more confident . . .

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What are Preference Images?

Want to know one thing you can do right now to help your film scans match your vision? Send us preference images! It’s a simple step that makes a world of difference! Here's how to choose and submit or update your preference images:

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How to Read Light

What if we told you there was a simple way to ensure your clients are always in the best available light? Use this simple trick and help your clients live their #bestlight Every. Single. Time.

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